Protect The BNB Reward

On April 20, 2021 - about a week after launch, we were notified of a bug in the contract for the BNB pool. We then patched and migrated to a secured version of the contract. This was our response to the bug in the code

- We will migrate to another token MoonRat v2 (SMRAT) to prevent this exploitation to keep the BNB pool safe forever!

- We will swap the current $MRAT to MoonRat v2 token with the ratio of 1:1.

Protect The BNB Reward

Our dev created a tool to exploit the issue to protect the BNB pool from other attacks

If we don’t exploit the BNB rewards pool, the attacker will exploit it, and all of us will get a big loss.

We used this amount of BNB to add back to the LP and BNB reward pool of the MoonRat v2 (SMRAT)

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